Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Stranger feat. Savana Medina

Its been seven long months since my last post, work and life has consumed my time. Ive been been waiting for the day to come to post all of what ive put my time and energy in.
But heres the start...
So below is something a bit differnent, a conceptual shoot.
Our perceptions of ourselves have allowed us to justify the word "stranger" but what's so strange about someone you don't know... Everything. Even more strange is being one to yourself. Losing yourself is strange. And finding yourself is odd because in reality you were never lost never a stranger, you were u all along.
These photographs are an interpretation what its like to be a stranger, to be a mystery, to be beautiful but to be been seen distorted by other eyes.

(photos taken w/ Iphone 4 edited w/ vsco cam)

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