Friday, August 17, 2012

Elizabeth Ramirez

Congrats to Liz on her hard work and dedication she is now a 2012 UTMB graduate!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Life In between pt.1

I see almost everything as a photo, its just become a part of who i am.

The fun part is translating those images u see in your head though your camera, and anyone can do it, its just a matter of seeing or not and u dont need some crazy expenisve camera to do it(but its more fun if u do!) just stop pull or your camera or phone and take it, doesnt matter whos looking or what funny pose you're doing to get it... just get it

So as the title implies...this series of images will pretty much consist of "postworthy" photos that i take in between work and play... its just a glimpse into the things i see durring my travels/hangs even shots taken during shoots, so yep enjoy

(photos taken with iphone4 and 5Dmkii)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Big Show/The Little Big Show

After being a Houston art scene enthusiast for well over a year now i finally took part in my first show(s) this month at Lawndale Art Center and also at
War'Hous Visual Studios, and i must say it was a great thrill.

A big thank you to both galleries for showing my work and also to my friends and family that came out to support

here's a peak at the opening reception...

Dandee Warhol showing support!
My two photos on view at War'Hous