Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jessia Bird

"a photo of yourself, a good one, can do a lot. for some reason, the way others see you, the way you really are. we don’t always believe it. i see that so often, and then what i adore is being able to step into the mix and change how you see yourself. let you see what is really there.
it really is an art, i’m seeing. being able to allow someone to feel comfortable, laugh, own it, forget the camera is there."  -Andria Lindquist
Yep that's pretty much my philosophy theses days...

Anywho here's Jessica, a multi-talented Designer with an extensive resume in all sorts of things awesome. we connected the night before this shoot out of pure chance but we both agree as artists to see it as one of those "When the stars align" moments

Cause sometimes the stars do align and great things just happen for people, not sure how or why but when they do its well... pretty sweet

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